Thursday 5 November 2015

Working in Ottawa today -To meme or not to meme

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

To meme or not to meme that is the question.  Any meme of yours is a meme of mine?  I left my meme in San Francisco?  We will meme you.

Bah..  I may have reached the point of boycotting all social media as the meme waves are just so damn boring and an insult to my brain.

Um.. Uncle Daniel what are you going off on? And what is a meme?

More bah!  Meme is a term originally described in Biologist Richard Dawson's book The Selfish Gene.  In that '76 book he defined a meme as a cultural unit of transmission, imitation or replication such as a catchphrase, melody, fashion, and other learned items of culture.

Enter.. The Internet.  Memes on the Internet and in Social media are all of the copycat drivel of both format and content.

Any video involving twerking; posts that claim the post itself is under attack; any email, tweet, post, message that asks the reader to repost -if they have the guts.

You likely have read infinite counts of FaceBook posts where the author claims.. "Be sure to Share this right away, Facebook is trying to take this down!" But of course Facebook doesn't even care about whatever Bif was sharing.  Meme.

Or the picture of some random child patient with a bald head, "Only the heartless will ignore, comment 'Amen' if you care."  As if any supreme giant invisible man/woman in the sky is so petty and trivial that he/she would only help the child if 1000 Facebook users comment?  Absurd and offensive, what about the child whose photo is not posted, does that child get to simply die?  Meme.

The "People say that a quadriplegic crossing guard/soldier in uniform/priest with a tattoo can't get 9999 likes, If you have the courage, 'like' this, 99% of you won't have the guts."  Nice attempt at social manipulation, who exactly are these people that say this?  Does this ever work Sparky?  Meme. 

The latest to get my goat, was the "This is Canada and we say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings". Really folks, NO ONE CARES if you say Merry Christmas.  I have never been told by anyone ever not to wish anyone Merry Christmas or that we should not call it a Christmas tree.  Pure fiction, people just trying to create a cause where there is no cause.  Christianity is not under attack by Holiday Tree salesmen wearing turbans.  Meme.

Speaking of goats.. videos of goats.  Oh wait, no. Those I like.  Young goats bounce around like they are made of springs wound too tight, and goats of all ages will answer you, often in unison, if you "bah" at them.   "Bah?". "Bah bah bah bah bah". Hilarious.  Meme.

Have a great day.  Please be original.