Wednesday 18 November 2009

Working in Ottawa today --Red Blood on Harp Seal Skin

I will be working in Ottawa today.
The restaurant at Parliament Hill will begin serving harp seal meat as early as spring.
This will no doubt spark additional protests over Canada's seal hunting.  I am curious though, what is it about hunting seals that many find morally reprehensible?
Before sending me hate mail or starting a flame war, let me clarify.  I am not for or against the seal hunt, just interested in what the issue is.
Is seal hunting fundamentally different than fishing or crabbing?  Granted a seal, especially a young seal, is cuter than a cod, but that is just because of the alignment of its nose, eyes and whiskers.  I do hope that it is not the attractiveness that is at the root of the opposition.
Perhaps the issue is more basic, should be killing other animals for our own needs?  Is the issue that for many adding seals to the list of animals that we tend to kill regularly is adding to their existing moral outrage?
I've heard or read that the manner of seal killing is offensive --clubbing I believe.  Having briefly spent time on an Alberta kill floor let me assure you, no manner of killing another animal is pleasant.  Whether running an animal on a conveyor into boiling water or firing steel rod into an animal's skull, or just gutting the animal while it is still alive, it is all brutal and unpleasant.
Hmm.  I may be leaning to one side, I may have to think about this too.
Have a good day.
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