Thursday, 1 April 2010

Working in Ottawa today --Keep Running

A different feature today --In an email conversation with a friend today, I was asked this question just prior to takeoff:
"..why do men get mad when a women beats them in a race?  You can even sense anger inside of them.."
I can't fully comprehend it, but have seen that myself.
Such a man may be delusional about some perceived superiority of man over women, but then should he not be most upset with himself since he let down all men by being beaten by a mere woman?
Perhaps he is and like the car driver that cuts you off, their embarrassment causes them to lash out and flip YOU the bird.
Or perhaps he believes that a woman should be subservient to all men, and therefore is quite miffed at she or you for daring to overstep (no pun intended) your place and pass in front?
Even more interesting about the experience is that such a fellow thought he was racing against you or anyone else for that matter.
Any run I have ever engaged in was a timed event, that is the runner is running against the clock, against the runner's previous time, training, stamina, preparation and state of mind; running against and with the road, the wind, heat and being one with endeavor.
His loss.
Have a good day, keep running.
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