Tuesday 11 May 2010

Working in Ottawa today --Suicidal Chicken

Good morning folks,
I will be working today in Ottawa along with several other management team members.
When I went to sleep last night it was with the plan of waking at 6 or so to leave my house at 7 for an 8 A.M. flight.
I woke at 10 minutes to 6 --not with an alarm clock but through a great sense of dedication and responsibility :) and it's funny how clear one's mind can operate in that brief moment as consciousness takes the reigns of your mind and body from slumber...
Holy crap! or some other suitable expletive emanated quite audibly from my lips --much to the confusion of my doggy Molly.  It was at this waking moment that I remembered that I was on the 7 A.M. flight.  
I'll spare you the details of extremely fast showering, shaving, teeth brushing and dressing and conclude with the information that yes, I made the flight on time.
So.. I really only have time to share a single joke with you.
Why did the chicken kill himself?
Answer is written backwards:
edis rehto eht ot teg oT
I am not sure how much of that joke will be lost in language or cultural translation, but if you didn't find it funny you may appreciate my pancake joke.
I'll be sure to tell it to you sometime, in the meanwhile, have a good day.
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