Thursday 3 November 2011

Working in Ottawa today --Cash 4 Cats!

Good morning folks,
I will be working in the nation's capital today. to the gate and my previously upgraded ticket (on points) was reverted back to econ as the airline had switched to a smaller plane.
But the system had just stripped the seat (was 1A, Airbus 319 has a 1D and F but no row 1 on the port side) without regard to status of the flier's Aeroplan status.
The gate agent realized that I am super elite and the system kept an elite upgrade in 1F.  Oops.
So the agent had to call the other passenger up to the gate and inform her that her upgrade was being rolled back because a super elite was present and wanted it.
Of course the gal, tall slim 20's blond with icy stare, slightly tilted her head down and gave me that, "are you proud of what you have done?" look.
Have a good day and remember, no eye contact, just keep moving :)
In the news of the weird department, I have been alive for 5 decades and in that time I figure I have burned through somewhere around 150 tooth brushes.  This is a non-audited number --just off the cuff, but the point is, none of them ever exploded.  Really.
But apparently the Colgate-Palmolive 'Motion' electric toothbrush explodes during regular use.  Heath Canada is warning Canadians to stop using them.  The company states that no long-term injuries have resulted and don't really understand what all the fuss is about.  "it's not like any permanent teeth were blown out by the explosions" stated a company representative.  Okay, I made that part up.
Hey, do you have a bunch of unwanted and extra cats in your house?  Now you can get rid of those broken and unused cats and get cash!  That's right, Cash4Cats!  Just place them in our specially designed cat envelope, drop in a mail box and in 4 to 6 weeks you'll get CASH!


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