Thursday 5 April 2012

Working in Ottawa today --April Showers

Good morning folks, 

I will be working in Ottawa today.

Daffodils growing in soil are neither liquid, gel nor paste.  They are also not tools, sport equipment, nor firearm, ammunition, nor explosive.

This was the subject of a brief exchange between airport security staff and myself this morning as I was passing through security on my way to Ottawa while carrying a small potted Daffodil.

Ultimately I prevailed and here I sit on the plane with my Daffodil.  I bumped us both (Daffodil and I) to business class (yes, on points. --mine not the Daffodil's) so that the Daffodil could sit comfortably on the console between my seat and neighbor's.

I just had a brief exchange with a NFAP (non flower accompanied passenger):

He -Is that your plant?
Me -No, we're just friends.

He -Why are you flying with flowers.
Me -The more interesting question is why no one else is.

He -Are you going to give me any straight answers?
Me -I've already said too much, please direct all remaining questions to the Daffodils.

Have a good day, be sure to stop and smell the flowers.