Thursday 9 August 2012

Working in Ottawa today --dolphin gossip

Good morning folks I will be working in Ottawa today.

What a bunch of crap in the news this morning!  A Sperm Doner, despite signing a contract stating that her would never attempt to assert parental claim to any resulting child, and supplying a sample for artificial insemination now claims to be the lady's father and wants to meet him and presumably take paternity leave from his place of work.  What a buffoon.  I guess his doesn't get it, takes more to be a father than wanking into a specimen cup while balancing a disturbingly soiled 1975 Playboy magazine.

Oh wait!  The news just became better... Seems that dolphins gossip.  Saywha?  Yeah, Scotland's University of St. Andrews biologist and amateur surgeon Vincent Janik (reportedly performed an emergency appendectomy on himself on his kitchen table while his lab partner ate a pizza) studies the 'signature whistles' of dolphins, the whistles that dolphins use to greet each other in the wild.

Janik and his team have overheard dolphins conversing with one another and uttering the signature whistles of dolphin that were not around.  Janik has not revealed whether or not he and his team further spread the rumours, especially about weeeee wheee hoooooo.

That's about all I have today, have my mind preoccupied with some work stuff.  But I will add that my niece Denise was wedded to her most excellent match Jason on Saturday in Calgary.  Sharlene and I had a great time and wish the happy (and very cute) couple all the best!

Have a great day.