Thursday 5 September 2013

Working in Ottawa today --This explains the smell

Good morning folks,

I will be working in the Ottawa office today but will be a few minutes late getting in.

I had dog poo on my shoe this morning.  This caused a cascading failure in my morning travel schedule only rivaled by 3 Mile Island..  Okay, maybe an exaggeration :)

A few days ago I took my Ecco Nubuck and suede shoes into the shoe repair guy across from the Toronto office for a cleaning and a stitchover a small tear in the trim.  After I picked them up, I felt obligated to wear them for a few days.  This meant that I did not wear my Ecco black leather shoes for a few days.  

Sidebar here.  On my way to a certain wedding 2 weeks back I was wearing the same shoes in the airport and thought I would have the airport shoe guy clean them,  yeah, not a great idea, ended up making the grey trim blackish.  The shoe guy across from the office stated that, 'the airport guy tried to clean them?  You should kill him.  This is special material that needs to be cleaned a certain way.  What was his name?", yeah --nice guy but a wee bit intense.

And we are back.

Molly the dog has had an upset tummy for the same days in question.  A few mornings ago as I walked downstairs, in the dim light I detected a smoldering deposit on the landing.  Ew.  But I repeat myself, Ew.  So I cleaned it up, fired up the small carpet spot cleaner and thoroughly cleaned the landing and step.  Of this there was no doubt, very clean.  Then I detected more deposits on the front door rug.  No problemlo.. Sharlene tossed into the washing machine.

But then I had this nagging feeling that something was missed.  If I was outside in the fresh near Autumn air and walked in through the front door...  there was a certain something in the air.  Something just not quite right.  I think my exact words last night were, "what the hell is that smell?"  Molly shrugged her shoulders, Sharlene said, "I can't smell anything, sinuses are bugging me."

Damn.  And then as I was leaving my house this morning at exactly 7:10 for my 8:10 flight, I put on my Ecco black leather shoes and then in the dim light I saw it. Egads!

Dog poo! Dog poo on the toe of my shoe.  My shoe.. my shoe had poo.  Sharlene zipped off to the kitchen and grabbed me a wet paper towel and I began remedial steps, specifically, cleaning the dog poo from my shoe.  I wasn't initially too bothered by this as I often have the airport shoe guy polish these shoes, and since they are simply black leather, I wont have to kill him, nor collect his name.  On cleaning success, out I went.  But this delayed me 5 minutes.

An important 5 minutes, as there were 5 more minutes of backed up traffic at the construction, and then 7 more minutes of traffic on Eglington and then 10 more minutes of traffic on Renforth... then the parkade entrance was down to one working in gate, followed by a horde of confused travelers at security.. 

This left no time for airport shoe guy to polish my shoes on the Toronto side.  But instead I needed to run for my gate.  Not a full "Run Forest, Run.." type sprint, but more of a lazy, yet still deliberate slow run.

This leaves me in my seat right now with all poo removed from my shoe, but leaving my shoe rather dull and in desperate need of polish.  As such, I will have the Ottawa airport shoe guy polish them up on arrival, and that is why I will be 5 or 10 minutes later into the office than usual.  Thank you for being understanding.

Have a great day, keep the poo off of your shoes.


  1. Really Daniel, you are sharing This?!!

    I'm telling Molly on you!

  2. Do you suppose that I should have had Molly sign a release?

  3. I loved the sidebar guy. Such passion.

    "Dog poo! Dog poo on the toe of my shoe. My shoe.. my shoe had poo." Ha! Break us off some, Daniel. Slap a beat down, Auto-Tune the lyrics, and spit some hot fire.

    I was late today, but I have no excuse. Does having banked hours help me at all?

    Sharlene, I just read your post. Funny, I was wondering the same thing as you. Hee-hee! Daniel Pucket -- pushing boundaries in the blogosphere. New parameters have been set. So much fun.

    Pets are for life,


  4. Fantastic! I try to raise awareness of the dangers of dog poop on my blog, for this very reason. Dog doo can be a real problem!