Wednesday 9 July 2014

Working in Edmonton --Sitting, the new smoking

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Edmonton for the next few days and then will bounce off Kelowna on the way back and build and then destroy some Lego towers with my Grandson Ethan.

Oh, shout out to Diego in porting, nice seeing you in Pearson

So after a few weeks without writing anything at all Uncle Daniel, what have you got for us

Well, I have something... Sitting, the new Smoking!

Eh?  Yes.  I first heard this from Jon, son of David, I think he said, "Sitting is the new smoking" -- you didn't expect him to have said something different than the tag line did you?

Off I went to prove or disprove the statement.  I found 2 studies (one Aussie and one U.S.) and numerous articles all linking a sedentary lifestyle with heart disease, disability, increased susceptibility to cancer and diabetes

According to Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Dr. James Levine, spending more than 6 hours a day sitting increases blood pressure and places you at a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and some types of cancer (colon, lung and womb cancer).

The Aussie study tied the sedentary activity (or lack thereof) to socioeconomic factors which effectively placed those lower on the food chain more susceptible to the risks.  The U.S. study showed a 46% greater chance of disability in daily activity for each hour per day spent in sedentary activity.

So what are we to do?  For many of us we sit at our desks plugging away over a keyboard for hours on end, and then sit through endless meetings pouring over the minutia of business life.  The answer is stand up.   Really. Stand up.  Tilt your monitor up, stretch out the phone cord, stretch your legs.

Have a meeting?  Go to the next floor rather than phoning and how about walking meetings instead of over coffee?  The increased circulation and fresh air will make the thoughts clearer too.  And when you are at home at the end of the day?  Walk.  Ride your bike, do some gardening.

Have a great day.  Don't just sit there.


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