Thursday 4 December 2014

Working in Ottawa today --Trapped like caged abibsnk

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

This is the first day back traveling to and fro in a couple -three weeks.  I was away for a bit having some surgery to correct a design problem.

Design problem?  Yes, whether you are a follower of evolution or creation it is a design problem.  Men are 37% likely to experience an inguinal hernia during their lifetime and women I think are around 22% likely.   I have bettered the odds for one of you, as I had twins.  A bilateral inguinal hernia.

Yay.  The surgery itself is quite simple, starts with shooting the patient up with morphine.. a hazy high where time stands still and while you still feel pain, you just don't really care.  Now I suppose that some prefer and have a general anesthetic, I strongly prefer a local, and now having tried morphine, am eager to have more :) 

Yes.. Back to the surgery.  The Doc sliced me up, about 5 1/2" on each side (one side one day, the other two days later) and then 'rearranged' the four layers of muscle to eliminate the gap and stitched them together with some stainless steel wire to keep them oriented just so.  I could not actually see what they were doing, there was a sheet over a bar in front of my face so I could only look up at the anesthetist.  Hey, s'up?  Hey, I feel that cutting.. ah.. More morphine.

They told me that as soon as that was done, I was technically 'cured' of my hernias, but then there was the nasty openings, so glue and clamps were applied.  Really.  They glued me together and attached 17 little clamps to each side.

So Uncle Daniel, does this mean you will beep when going through airports?

Good question, but no.  Although I did ask the Doc what type of stainless steel he used, he simply said non-magnetic.  I figure it must be type 304.  About 18% chromium, 10% nickel and the balance of centre faced crystalline structure iron.  Yeah, way TMI.

So no.  No beep, and should not rust :) So while I was randomly selected for a pat down and extra screening at the airport this AM, I did not beep.

What is particularly amusing is the text messages that I sent in the first 4 hours of each procedure to family and friends.  Here are two gems.

"here to the room around nine waited for several hours before I can trenchedf"

"Had the surguy aroun 7. Went well.  Back at rolom since 9. Trapped like caged abibsnk"

There were others where Sharlene said that I had just sent single letters as whole words.

Hah!  Well, good to be back among the able-bodied,  have a great day!


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