Monday 29 June 2009

Cross border kidnapping

I got such a kick out of reading that, even looked for police at La Guardia:)

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Subject: Cross Border Abduction

CTV News Toronto June 26, 2009

A woman who allegedly is the wife of a local Toronto man was forcefully abducted across the U.S. border by aircraft this morning.

The man apparently did not think his plans completely through - essentially admitting the kidnapping to airport INS staff.

The INS staffer amazingly did not react to the man's admission and passed the couple through security. He is currently being held for questioning.

Local SWAT teams and city police are waiting at the terminal for the flight to arrive.

Update at 6pm

John M.

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Subject: Away for today and the weekend

Hi folks,

I am away for the weekend.  Am taking Sharlene to New York for our anniversary.

Amazingly we have made it through checkin, INS, and security and she still doesn't know where we're going.

The INS guy was a bit off when I quickly explained that it was a surprise and he could play along or not... Just stared at me, didn't say anything, passed us through.

Have a good weekend.


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