Tuesday 8 December 2009

Working in Ottawa today --Don Cherry

Good morning folks,
I will be working in Ottawa today.  This is in anticipation that travel may be un-fun on Wednesday due to weather.
In 1981 while living in Lethbridge I stopped by a General Tire store to have my vehicle tires replaced.
As I entered the counter area of the store a lone individual sitting on a stool at one end of the customer side of the counter looked up.  He looked somewhat familiar to me, and I proceeded to give him the standard nod of the head --a simple greeting without investing too much effort.
As I waited at the counter for a service advisor (word-speak for salesman), from the end of the counter came the words "would you like an autographed photo of me".
It is difficult to adequately express my simultaneous confusing and bewilderment.  But I do remember thinking, "hey I'm a swell guy too, but I don't hand out autographed photos".
I looked back at this fellow, with my face no doubt demonstrating the aforementioned state of mind, and nothing --had no idea who this guy was.  I uttered something to the effect of, "pardon me?".
It was at this moment when I saw that indeed he had a small stack of photos on the counter.  I leaned forward to examine the photos and immediately recognized the white bull terrier in the photo.  At once the fog of confusion lifted from my mind.  
"Oh --you're that guy with that dog -'Blue'!"
I have no idea where that autographed photo of Don Cherry is today, I'm not sure if it ever made it out of my glovebox.
Have a good day.
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