Thursday, 14 January 2010

Working in Montréal Today --No Malls Were Harmed

Good morning folks,
I will be working in Montreal today where between various meetings I hope to welcome Anne-Marie to Distributel.
This morning just as I left my house I glanced over yesterday's edition of The Mississauga News --a local newspaper generally chocked full of spelling errors and sometimes rather humorous mid-article name changes of key individuals.
The headline from yesterday was:
"Blow up mall, accused told police agent"
Having had my curiosity adequately piqued I read on.  The accused in the article was none other than Shareef Abdelhaleen (not sure of the spelling) , one of the eighteen arrested in 2006 by the RCMP after they uncovered and thwarted the group's plan to blow up Parliament and the TSX and perform a radical headectomy on the PM.
This reminds me a seldom used word, Illitration, not to be confused with Alliteration or Illustration, Illitration means roughly to bark at something (no pun intended).  Bark at something as apposed to just barking.  Now I always assumed that the dog knows what he is barking at, it is just not apparent to us.  But I digress..
Abdelhaleen had not threatened to blow up a mall.  He had not suggested someone or anyone should blow up a mall.
What was stated by Abdelhaleen was that If the intent was to kill civilians, there was more logical ways of doing so than packing trucks with fertilizer to blow up targets in downtown Toronto such as blowing up a mall --an illustrative statement.
However since although the group of eighteen was not adverse to killing civilians it was not their objective, no mall was at risk of being blown up.
Back to Illitration, The Mississauga News it seems was just barking to get our attention and at nothing in particular.
Have a good day.
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