Thursday 3 February 2011

Working in Ottawa today --The day the music died

I was going to entertain you with a short tribute to the engineer that designed the coat hook on the side of the business class seat on both Boeing and Airbus airliners, but then looked at my flight pass and saw the date, February 3.

On this day in 1959 somewhere near a lake (clear, crystal, something like that) in Iowa, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens (Valins?) and The Big Bopper Richardson and the pilot, (Peterson?) of a Beechcraft plane all died in a winter storm crash.

This day is the day the music died in Don McLean's song, American Pie from the '70s.

If all of this is way before your time, you still probably know the music.  Come to think of it, 'cept for Don McLean is before my time too, but they still had a lot of radio play when I was a kid.

Buddy Holly had many hits,  Peggy Sue, Rave On, That'll be the Day, It's so Easy, Oh Boy!.  All of which are on my iPod, so I am now listening while I fly.

Valens, I only remember one, La Bamba, although I think he did some cheesy love songs too and some covers.

And the Big Bopper, I also remember only one song and not sure of the title and barely remember the lyrics...

"Chantilly lace with a pretty face and a ponytail hanging down;

-oh that's right, it's called "Chantilly Lace" :)

With a wriggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk;
Makes the world go round;
Sh makes me act so funny;
Make me spend my money;
Make me get real loose, like a silly silly goose;
Oh Baby, that's what I like!"
Yeah.. Not sure about those lyrics -think there was a gig eyed girl in there somewhere too, but don't feel like pulling out the iPad to do a web search after we land, but should be enough to remind you if you ever knew it.

So... Bye bye Miss American Pie.

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