Thursday 21 April 2011

Working in Montréal today --The bacon cauliflower Oval-tine edition

Good morning folks,

While others may be in Vancouver flogging our wares, in will be working in Montreal today.

Instead of scaring the pants off you with news of an impending political upheaval and social apocalypse that results in complete breakdown of order and following that up with reports of roving gangs of misdirected youths exacting out their own brand of street level justice and ethnic purification, how about a fluff piece about that salty, fatty treat, Bacon!

This morning I woke early, earlier than usual, around 3:30.  And as I slurped some coffee I gazed into the open door of the fridge, not actually looking for anything to eat but just interested in thinking about eating.

And then I saw it, pre-cooked bacon. Now a slice of bacon munched down with a hot cup of coffee is immensely satisfying but instead of actually partaking I amused myself with the thought.. "is bacon the universal food group?"

I had recently read that bacon had broken into the dessert field with the Denny's chain, where one can order the bacon, maple syrup, ice cream sundae.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Meat and Ice Cream together at last.   Of course we are still waiting for vegetables to make the bold move into the dessert arena, but don't hold your breath for Cauliflower ice cream any time soon.

Bacon had long ago elbowed or perhaps butted its way into the salad bowl and lured some anchovies at the same time into the Caesar.  A staple at breakfast, often seen on lunch plates peering out of a multidecker club or two, even used to keep a good steak from falling apart and of course as a savory flavoring in soups, chowders and purées.

But what about the drink I asked?  I'll also mention that this was a rhetorical question as I was alone in the kitchen and I don't think Sharlene or Molly (little doggy) was awake and if they were, Molly just stares blankly when I ask her skill testing questions, and Sharlene answers no questions prior to a cup of coffee.

I restructured the question --Could bacon find its way into a refreshing meat drink?  The answer as you may suspect by this point in my blathering is yes.  

It took only a minute using Google and my high-speed cable Internet connection from Distributel and my Apple iPad (I am such a brand whore) to find the answer.  It's called Bacon Beer, the bacon is chopped finely and blended with root beer to create a interesting flavor blend of salt, smoke, root, and sweet.  I wondered quietly to myself how one keeps the bacon suspended in the root beer solution.

It would be a shame to drink down to the bottom of the glass and discover a layer of bacon sediment not unlike the remains of a poorly mixed mug of Oval-tine.  So you can imagine the clink clink clink of a long spoon stirring the bacon frantically between gulps --good times man, good times.

Have a good day, eat some cauliflower.


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