Thursday 5 May 2011

Working in Ottawa today --The collective ropes of federalism

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

As always, the following opinions are mine, and do not necessarily reflect the views of our employer, shareholders and directors and management.

Hey, how about that Canadian election eh?  The part-time bar manager NDP candidate that was vacationing in Vegas during the campaign that does not speak French yet was mysteriously (not really the right word, but didn't know how to make 'bewildered' an adjective) elected with a near 6000 vote margin in a primarily francophone riding sort of proves the theory that we Canadians don't vote, but instead, we stampede.

Kind of cool eh, a shout-out to the Quebéc riding of Bertier-Maskinongé and simultaneously relevant to our Calgary friends.  You can just feel the comfortable, collective ropes of Federalism just pulling us all together into one happy family ;)
Well, now that Harper's government finally has a majority, now we can get down to business and start selling this country off to foreign control one industry at a time.

It does sound like Harper wishes to start with Telecommunications, this will indeed be beneficial, I can't see any conflict with the concepts of sovereignty.  Sure, suppose Canada gets involved in a skirmish with Egypt, what's the likelihood that the Egyptian backers would direct a certain cell company to reroute all cell calls to the pay phone at the bus station?  I just hope the Ministre de la Défense nationale doesn't use a cell phone with the lowest rates.

Then which industry should follow, how about Healthcare?  I think a move to a profitable U.S. model, we could combine the concepts of universality and private busine$$ profit --I mean efficiency.  I personally look forward to receiving my coupons for 1 free check up per year, 3 free lancing of any boils and the 1 bonus appendectomy per household.  Ah yes gather the kids up and head down to the clinic for Double-Value Coupon Tuesdays!

Perhaps we should look at foreign control and some proper bidding processes for our military too.  Think about it, we have already started out-sourcing our border security to the U.S., It is sure to work, really. We just make sure that only U.S. troops from the Cajun parts patrol the Quebec and New Brunswick points of entry, them dar boys from the Bayou speck sumthin thet sor a sounds au francais, I gaaaruntee.  

Sort of like the Italians in New Jersey, they don't speak-a d'Italian, they just-a sound like they do.

Now that we have drifted way off topic, have a good day.  Everyone.  Collectively.

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