Friday 20 May 2011

Working in Ottawa today --The end of the world part deux, redeux -or- why Heisenberg was a dick

Good morning folks, I will be working in Ottawa today.  Change of Plans, need to get the <shh: corp secret> project specs done, that and Don offered to buy me lunch.

"Odd.", you may be thinking to yourself, "should he not be re-aligning Jennifer's mailbox in an effort to get himself right with the Cosmos, prior to the big collapse?".

Well, yes I should be.  And according to Shrödinger intersected with String Theory, I am. In fact, simultaneously all eventualities and probabilities have occurred this morning.  I am on a plane to Ottawa, I am at Jennifer's re-aligning her mailbox, although in one of the realities I arrived to align the mailbox and it was inexplicably flanked by Joan Rivers and her awkward sidekick daughter wanting my opinion on the dress worn by the new princess and how the designers kept it all secret.  I really don't care, not only that, but Rivers' microphone wasn't even plugged into anything.

You see, not only was Shrödinger's cat both alive and dead since either state had an equal probability, but the cat was also performing that strange full body heave that only an orange tabby can really carry off while coughing up a fur ball on The Shröd's new carpet.

But I am getting carried way away from today's topic.  Which is why it is extremely improbably that the end of the world will occur for us, at least the us that includes me flying off to Ottawa today.  While it is quite probable that in one or even a few realities this world will end on Saturday, there exists the greater number of possibilities that extend from and dependent on this world not ending.  Since there exists a greater number of possible realities in which this world remains, there is a greater possibility that we are in one of the more pleasant ones.

Now Heisenberg may disagree, much in the way he disagreed with Shrödinger, I believe something like, "The more I think about the physical portion of Shrödinger's theory the more repulsive I find it, what he writes about visualisability of his theory is probably not quite right, it's crap and very hard to pronounce.".  Of course one should keep in mind that Werner was a bit of a dick, and didn't like cats.

Have a good day.