Thursday, 9 June 2011

Working in Montréal today --Payin' on the Bush Warz

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today and will be away from all offices on Friday, returning to the Toronto office on Monday.

I will look back to this email a few times on this morning's flight and see if anything inspires me to write further.

Read something in the paper about the Repulicans in the U.S. Congress entertaining the idea of a temporary default on that country's debt payments, just as a signal to Obama mind you, get him to curb spending.  Damn irresponsible of him to keep up the payments on the Bush warz.  

Would immediately cause U.S. bonds to gain the coveted 'junk' rating, and even after interest payments would resume after a few days, the rating would not go back up to triple A, which could/would have rippling effects across the international economy, starting with China I imagine.

All right, nowhere to really go on that one.  Will check back in a few..

Does anyone actually know what the hell REM's 'A man sized wreath' is even about?  Have just a verse or two in my head, but it makes no sense.  Makes me miss the days when REM's music meant something, you know, like 'What's the frequency Kenneth' and 'Orange Crush' :)

post ed:  According to Shannon the song mock's Bush 43.  I re-listened, yep --sure does!

Okay, that's it for me, be sure to tune in next week for the first of a 6 part exposé on the resurgent Communist influence on eastern European fashion and style, and will have a guest article by Canada's own country bumpkin from trailer trash roots, Shania Twain!

Yes, I made that part up, yep, that part too.

Have a good day, any bets on Vancouver's scheduled performance on Friday?