Wednesday 28 September 2011

Working in Montréal today --Cost of Flight

Good morning folks, I will be working in the belle province today.
Took the 7 A.M. flight which is fine, but I was still in my housecoat at 5:55 so do the math, shower, ear Q-tip, shave, brush teeth, run out the door.  Stop, turn around, go back in, get dressed, out the door, drive (construction on Eglington, one lane of course), park, security, gate, plane, yeah baby!
Hey, how about this from the reckless spending department:
Peter MacKay, Defence Minister flew 35 times in the last four years, 25 of which were flights in Canada and he spent 2.9 million dollars doing it.  That is $82,857 per flight.  Even with a 50% bullshit factor that would still be $42,430 per flight.  I'll add that only the PM is precluded from flying commercial flights for security theatre reasons, and that cabinet members are encouraged by policy to take commercial flights where possible, but these weren't commercial flights but rather flights by way of our armed forces Challenger jets, oh.. and none of the flights were to Afghanistan.
Interesting, I do specifically remember a flight from Ottawa to Toronto that I was on, perhaps the year before last and the guy in the seat adjacent to me had two brief cases, one had Peter MacKay's tags on it, but I recognized him as not being Peter MacKay.  I queried something to the effect of, "How is it that you have Peter MacKay's briefcase?" (but not coming across as an interrogation although I had asked the flight attendant to help me with the water-boarding) and he replied that he was MacKay's aide, and the minister was on a different flight.  I guess a different airline too.
I'll add that I have seen many MPs, cabinet members, a few former PMs and once sat across the aisle from Jack on commercial flights and no one ever bugs them, although it's nice to exchange a "good morning".
Last year for business and personal I flew around 60 round trips in Canada, the U.S., and France and Italy and I bet I spent around $36,000 averaging around $600 per loop, the Paris - Toronto flights certainly pulling up the average.  Flying on a Rapid Air flight pass for Toronto, Ottawa, Montéal, upgrading only on points and using Aeroplan miles for some flights all help control the costs.
I don't think he's even trying.
Have a good day, please shop responsibly.

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