Thursday 22 September 2011

Working in Ottawa today --Peace Out

Good morning folks,
I will be working in Ottawa today.
Are our leaders mad?  In a odd reversal of position, both Harper and Obama took positions against Palestinian Statehood and are both lobbying for UN members to vote against the Palestine bid for recognition as a state.
Bear in mind that both of these leaders stated support for such an initiative as recent as last year.  Obama stated last August, ".. security for the Jewish State (Israel) requires an independent Palestine."  Now Obama was quoted as stating, "there is no shortcut to the end of conflict that has endured for decades. .. Peace is hard work.  Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the UN."
Really?  Perhaps we could try another 60 years of territory conflict and violence and see how that works out.  Another 60 years of bloodshed and crimes against humanity orchestrated by both sides of this enduring conflict?
What is the source of this reversal, I don't know, but for Obama it may be that once again that this rather ineffectual president (remember the high hopes we had when he was elected?) has capitulated to the Republican agenda-- one that sees the political advantage of continued military aggression between the parties, evidence which can be seen outside the UN with U.S. Conservatives picketing against the Palestine bid.  As for Harper's reversal --I don't know, I sincerely hope he is not just following the Americans blindly.
Interesting enough, the bid has the support of dozens of leading Israeli intellectuals and Israel Prize laureates.  Today they will unveil a supporting document at the same place where David Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel in 1948.
Israel was formed based upon the UN offer of partition, an offer that at that time also proposed the state of Palestine.
So not in 1948 and not in 2011 either, still too early?
Have a good day, Peace out.


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