Tuesday 3 January 2012

Not working this week --I think I'll colonize Mars

Hi Folks,

I will not be working this week, instead I am in Kelowna visiting with my daughter Christine, her husband Ryan and their son, my new Grandson Ethan.

While I am away perhaps I should give you some food for thought..

According to some pop psychologist that I heard on some on-the-plane TV clip, by mid July 94% of people have forgotten what their resolution was that they made at the start of the year.

I think that this was just some number that she pulled out of thin air or some bodily orifice, but none the less, what does this say about us? Are our resolutions just trivial fluff that aren't worth remembering or our memories just that ill suited to the task?

I think that it is likely for former and a bit of the latter as a self defense mechanism.

I imagine there is plenty of the standard self improvement items, promises to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape by actually using that gym membership and I imagine there is even a smattering of relationship changes. Perhaps this is the year that she will drop the loser boy toy and find a guy that doesn't need to go home early to wash his mother's hair and has a real job and not a paper route. He will find a new girlfriend that isn't such a control freak.

I think the problem with most resolutions is that we are generally a product of our years of experience, and it is damn hard to make a January 1 about face or a hard left turn, so we may give a day or two of attention to the new plan, but quickly fall lock step into our own history.

So what can we do?

I suppose since the resolution is likely doomed to fail we could be really grandiose in our plan..

Really go for Gold.. "This year I will cure the world of hunger by mid March". Better to fail at that then fail at trimming 10 lbs off of your waistline. We could all meet during Spring Break and compare how magnanimous our resolutions had been. "I was going to bring about world peace", "huh, that's nothing, I was going to colonize Mars!". "wow, you are the man.".

The better approach may be to set realistic goals, that are specific, measurable and attainable, and most important, to have an execution plan.

If you want to quit smoking [and you really should, the evidence is in and has been for a long time, it does cause cancer, stresses your heart and lungs, makes your clothes stink and yellows your teeth and fingers] then you need a plan, if you are strong willed you might be able to go it on your own, but there is no loss of face to consult with your doctor for assistance.

If getting into shape is your goal, schedule your workouts, put together a routine of exercises, load up your iPod or non-Apple MP3 player with some fav tunes and Get Physical!

Bad boyfriend? Trade him in today, I understand eHarmony has matches for you standing by. Domineering girlfriend? Grow a pair and send her packing, there is no greater sense of self satisfaction than accomplishing a goal that you have set out for yourself.

My self? Going for the grandiose, just striving to be a better me.

Have a good day, a good week, and good resolutions.

Hey, a P.S. note. We betrayed Air Canada and flew out to KTown on Westjet. What the hell is with Westjet's oh so cutesy and aren't we funny crap when they are giving out flight information over the PA? Planes travel real fast, and really stinking high and the are made of aluminum about 6 gauges up from the foil roll in your kitchen drawer -- I want the flight staff to be serious. Cordial, yes. Conversationally pleasant, yes. But serious. After 4 hours, some canned corporate sponsored cheesy humour is just irritating.

"Please turn off you cellphone sir, didn't you hear the announcement?"

"Oh, we're you serious about that? When you said, in your announcement, that no one listens to you I figured there was some tacit approval and allowance for me to get an extra 5 minutes of typing done. I have an important email to send to my staff."


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