Tuesday 6 March 2012

Working in Edmonton today --Tin Pot Dictators and Rock and Roll

Good morning all,

On my way to Edmonton this A.M., although they (you likely remember them from my last missive) are working on a small problem on the plane which will delay departure by a minimum of 45 minutes.

So I will grab a cup of coffee and wait for the cattle drive onto the plane.  In the meantime.. for some inexplicable reason, Manuel Noriega popped into my head, more specifically the December  1989 Invasion of Panama --Code name Block Party, or was it Operation Just Cause, or better yet, Operation Just b'cause.

Just a few years prior, The Iron Lady invaded the Falkland Islands in a tremendous display of how tough the Brits are are beat the crap out of Argentina, I understand that both bi-planes of the Argentine Air Force were shot down by the Royal Air Force Harriers.

Not to be out done, Bush 41 searched frantically for a small nation that he too could invade.

But wait.. This is not about Latin-American politics or any kind of exposé on tin pot dictators or their Panamanian counterparts.

Nope..  Is about Rock and Roll.

Two questions came to mind.

The first was instead of playing various R&R tunes for ten days in an effort to drive Noriega out of the Vatican Embassy where he was holed up, why didn't the Psyops guys just play one bad song over and over.  And over.  I am thinking MacArther Park(Richard Harris) or (and much worse) You're Having My Baby (Paul Anka).  I would be ready for surrender after about 3 hours of hearing about leaving that damn cake out in the rain.. again and again.

The second was, has anyone (or have they) compiled a list of the songs that were played, and are they available on uTunes as a downloadable set?

Have a good day, please feel free post your own set of worst rock and roll tunes.  Just so you know, I had considered Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers) but Having my Baby is just so much worse.

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