Wednesday 2 May 2012

Working in Ottawa today --Epicaricacy

Good morning folks,

I am working in Ottawa today, yes a bit of a change-up from my regular routine.  Am traveling today, on a Wednesday as from tomorrow on I am off for a week.

Today's word is Schadenfreude.

One of those wonderful compound - glue together until you've had enough fun words for which the German language is known.

Schaden translates to adversity or harm, and Freude is Joy, to find Joy in [someone else's] harm.  In English, the closest word may be Epicaricacy, which is roughly Joy in Evil. Which Is the word that came to mind after deciphering a message that I left for myself the other night.  

A few days ago I'm quite sure that I had fallen asleep on the sofa (a lot like a couch, but with less letters) and had wandered upstairs in a bit of a sleep-walk to go to bed, Sharlene had something on the bedroom TV involving Jousting.

This of course is that happy go lucky sport which involves men on horseback, charging each other at full gallop wilts holding long Lances with the objective of unseating the other.

I quickly typed a message to myself on my BlackBerry.  This of course was done without my glasses and being half asleep, and then promptly fell back asleep.  What I typed was totally unintelligible and it was only this morning that I remembered what I meant to type.

If Jousting did not exist, we would have to invent it.

There is no Joy quite like watching a man in armour flying through the air with arms flailing amid the flying splinters of a shattered lance and landing quite unceremoniously in a twisted heap on the dusty ground.


The only real room for improvement might be to incorporate motorcycles and hot babe cheerleaders.  Oh, and a barbecue.  And beer. And some Rock & Roll.  Hmmmmm.. may really be on to something here, wonder if ESPN is interested?

Have a good day.


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