Thursday 31 May 2012

Working in Ottawa today --damn Zombies

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

Did you hear about the package that will be sure to go down as a footnote in the written history of the Conservative Party?

Too early?  Too macabre?

The whole thing is macabre, grisly, unsavory.  The fellow, self described as an Internet star, rented an apartment in Montréal, overlooking The Décarie Expressway, and through some chain of events repeatedly stabbed some naked young man and then proceeded to dismember and mail out some pieces stopping only to eat some of the morsels.

Earlier this week there was the report of the naked man in Miami, that had been in a fight with another naked man, and proceeded to eat his opponent's face.  Police responding on the scene reported that the attacker simply growled at the officer and resumed his afternoon snack.  The police naturally shot the unarmed, naked man.  It is unclear why the officer didn't simply kick the attacker in the head to gain his attention.

Upon hearing of the events, I naturally assumed that it was a Zombie attack.

Here are some helpful hints to be prepared.

Keep your vehicle tank always at least half full, no fun to run out of gas right in the middle of the night while trying to flee the city.

Don't use weapons that produce a loud report when used, shotgun blasts merely alert other zombies in the area that fresh brains are available.

Travel in a group.  No particular reason, but Zombie movies that have a band of survivors are generally more interesting than the lone hero.

Oops, out of time, Ottawa is a short flight and I stopped typing to have some breakfast.

Have a good day, and be safe.

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