Thursday 7 June 2012

Working in Montréal today --oooo ghosts!

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today.

If you were clairvoyant then you would have already known that.  That's right kids, it's the parapsychology episode of my Thursday email!

Last night some program of T.V. was on about some haunted winery.  I think that was it, was not really paying attention.  But this was some kind of para-normal exposé show with a band of pseudo scientists that having given up their prior career as town animal control officer and patio deck builder turned reality T.V. stars.  Yeah.

As the program progressed they claimed that many many of their tour guests have experienced encounters with apparitions and heard voices.  "Mass Hysteria", I commented to Sharlene.  "Yes, but very good for business no doubt", she commented in return.

A business rep of the winery explained that on one occasion a foreman and his men were loading wine casks into a storage room, when the foreman heard a disembodied voice tell him to "Get Out!"  He quickly ordered his men to flee, just prior to the a collapse of a stone wall that would have killed them all.


One word about that.  Amygdala.

If you were to remove the skull cap of the person sitting next to you and gently lift out their brain and then examine the underside, gentle now.. easy.. toward the center you will find an almond shaped part called the Amygdala.  Okay, sure.. you can just take my word for it .. geez what a bunch of squeemish readers.

The Amygdala is the Fight or Flight commander.  When you are in moments of peril, this guy takes charge, essentially rallies the other centers of your brain and endocrine system to jack up the adrenaline, dilates your pupils, preloads muscles, and GO!  Your are ready to fight the tiger or run from it.

Back to the stone wall.  He probably observed some indicator that the wall was tipping and the voice he heard was his own.  But it does make a good ghost story.

Hmm..  Sorry, thought I had more to write about that.  Do you suppose that real nervous, jittery people have over-active Amygdalas?  Or maybe they are actually just in a room of tigers.

Have a good day.   Watch out for ghosts.