Thursday 12 July 2012

Working in Ottawa today --please keep the pleonasms to a minimally small number

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

I am just standing at the gate about board and overheard an agents just say, "I'll be right back Mita" to her colleague.   Hmmm, I thought to myself, if this were a horror movie perhaps near a lake with unnaturally calm waters, she would not be coming back.

We'll have to wait and see.

Odd..  she didn't come back, but a lanky guy named Todd just came in her stead..  dissembled with something about Lambia being delayed for an unspecified reason.

We've boarded but will be a minute or two late getting off the ground,  The plane's battery was dead but they got a boost from some kid on a moped.  Still no sign of Lambia

Odd name, Lambia is a genus of algae, and is also the common misspelling of Lamblia the name of a particular intestinal parasite that usually results in diarrhea -- is generally why I think that prospective parents should attend and pass some rudimentary training in child rearing and child naming.

Perhaps parents should use the exercise, repeat after me with your child's name, "Ladies and gentlemen I am honored to present to you, , the next Prime Minister.". And then.. "Ladies and gentlemen, you too Ron Jeremy, man I don't know how you are still alive, I am happy and more than a little titillated to introduce to you, Wicked Pictures in association with Canoga Park's very own Godfather's strip club's pornstar of the year, ".

I have really lost my way on writing what today's email was even going to be about.  

So instead, I will eat my breakfast and just finish off with a personal encounter with the funniness of English.

While playing racquetball last night, I lobbed a return shot high off the front wall and dropped it into the back left side while Brian's and my opponents, John and Larry, were both mid-right in the court.  This resulted in a easy point and a very satisfied, "whoot whoot - no one was home!" from Brian.

While settling back in for another serve I taunted John with, "John, you left a huge big hole in the back of the court.". I then considered my choice of words and that John is a school principal.

"Sorry John, I guess that was a pleonasm."

"Yes it was.", he replied, "and somewhat redundant as well".

I'm still laughing :p

Have a good day.  for previous posts!


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