Thursday 29 November 2012

Working in Ottawa Today --Used Ford for sale

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

Two events of note in the last few days.    The Grey Cup... Yay Toronto.  And Mayor Ford.

First we'll look at the Grey Cup.  In a strange misread of their market, the execs at the CFL must have momentarily forgot that it is primarily middle aged beer drinking Cheetos! munching men that watch the Grey Cup or any CFL for that matter.  The execs however must have thought that their audience was comprised largely of 12 year old girls.

Enter..  Justin Bieber.  With a physique and attitude that just begs to be crammed into a locker near study hall --please don't misread this as an advocation of teenage bullying, I just call 'em as I seez 'em-- J-Biebs took the stage after a quick tune by Gordon Lightfoot to be met with puzzled WTF looks from fans gazing at the ol'Jumbotron and then boos.

Except of course from the 12 year old girls that were in the bleachers that had pleaded with their dads to take them to see the Grey Cup, and likely whined during the rest of the game, "Can we go home now?"  Yeah, I'm sure a great way to spend $500 a piece.

The execs said that they wanted to expand their audience base into the pre-teen all girl market which has been largely ignored by the CFL, the NFL, the old AFL, and the NCAA.


And then there's Ford.  Sigh.  Sorry folks, I know that my pages continue to be splattered with the foibles of Mayor Rob F.F. Ford and I may or may not have promised to look to other sources of page inspiration, but come on, he just keeps giving me topics.

So .. taken down by his own stubbornness and arrogance.  There are many Ford supporters out there that have a very narrow view of the events and complain that he was ousted over $3k.  But no.  His lawyer even tried to argue that it was only $3k.

The reality was, it was someone else's $3k.  And Ford used City of Toronto letterhead to coerce the cash from the rightful owners for Ford's high school football team, his charity, something that he uses to bolster his image.

City staff told him he should not do it.  He ignored them.  The city's integrity commissioner told him he had to pay the money back.  He ignored him.  He asked Ford 6 times if it had been repaid.  He ignored him.  If it was only $3k then why didn't he simply repay it?

Then city council took up the commissioner's issuer and that's when Ford voted to not pay the money back.  And that is a conflict of interest.

So anyone want to buy a used Ford?  The lease was terminated early, but has surprisingly high miles, the body needs work, it tends to backfire, and it pulls to the right.

Have a good day.