Thursday 18 April 2013

Working in Ottawa today --A cynical yet popular view

Good mornings folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

Sorry about the glaring absence of any pulp last week.  I ended up not flying to Montréal on my regularly scheduled flight as there was freezing rain, locusts, and the river turned red.  Figured I would work from my Toronto desk.  As such, I didn't sit on a plane and so I didn't write anything.  Without much further ado..  Today's pulp:

Folks, I am confused.  well.. Not really, actually I am annoyed.  The NDP has abandoned me.  In 1961 after a few years of formation processes the NDP was created and the late great Tommy Douglas was its first leader.  the NDP was formed to provide essentially a political party to represent the interests of labour and Canada's political Left which is and was social justice and social democracy.

That's why it was formed.  Note that the objective was not to provide an avenue to get a bunch of ppl into seats in Parliament.

Sidebar here, it is not too important to get into much discourse on the difference between non-authoritarian socialism, democratic socialism and social democracy, just be certain that they NDP has never been on the side of authoritarian or state socialism, Stalin or Maxist or Leninist or Maoist style.

But now, the current leadership seems to have taken the entire new philosophy that the function of the party is to gain seats, to gain political power. < that was a period.

The party, under new leader Thomas Mulcair, has voted to delete the word 'Socialism' from the preamble to their constitution because they wish to present a more centric position.

Catherine Hame spoke in favour of the change: "Today, in supporting this preamble massively, we would be giving ourselves the tools necessary to unite behind our leader Tom Mulcair and beat the Conservatives in 2015."

This is serious shit, this means that the party has voted to move away from its ideals to focus on the new goal of getting elected.  And ppl wonder why the populous has such a cynical view of politics and politicians.

And now onto the Liberals.  The same group that brought Iggy now gives us Trudeau 2.0.  That's right kids, the Liberals have a brand new leader, fresh out of the box and never used --zero miles on him..

I ask you, how can a fellow regardless of good lineage but without any experience, never sat in Cabinet, never carried a portfolio, never sat in committee.. Great hair though lead a party into victory AND lead the country?  

The AND part is the most fundamental to the question.  The lead into victory may be possible if the electorate is fooled by this blatant positioning for the sake of popularity.  Remember when the GOP in the U.S. tried the same thing by grabbing a gal as Senator John McCain's running mate.

They went for popularity and flash instead of substance.  In their exuberance they neglected to notice that Sarah had about as much understanding of world events as a goldfish.

And ppl wonder why the populous has such a cynical view of politics and politicians.

Have a good day and don't worry about what's right, just do what's popular :p