Thursday 16 May 2013

Working in Ottawa today --Sedition r us

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today and then taking tomorrow off.

I was going to write about time, that magical dimension in which events occur in usually a single direction.  It is also what keeps everything from occurring all at once.

But instead, I think that we need a quick primer of the difference between treason and sedition.

Really uncle Daniel, Sedition at 7:47 AM? I ask you back, can you think of a better time?

Treason is the act of violating ones allegiance or fealty to a sovereign or state, aiding the enemies of such or taking up combat or war against it.

And Sedition?  Well.. Sedition is more about stirring up trouble and rebellion against the lawful gov't and / or its laws.  It does not include waging war against the state or helping out those that would.

Sedition can take many forms, speeches (I have always maintained that any society is three good speeches away from any political shift, usually towards totalitarian fascism but that is another Pulp..), writings, leaflets, and Pulp posts.

But uncle Daniel, what is the difference between sedition and public outcry against an abusive or corrupt gov't?  Hey! I am glad that you asked that question.

Sometime the difference is how the actions are interpreted by the state and how effective they figure they can be at shutting someone up.  The lone wolf trying to enlighten people to a corruption or illegitimacy might well find himself before a magistrate, but a crowd are usually just ordered to disburse, go home.

The real difference between sedition and good old fashioned public outcry is what tools and tactics are used.  If you operate within the law and call for a change of gov't through election; arrest and removal of a corrupt politician through the legal system; or seek changes in law through the methods approved by the establishment, then you are not likely to be arrested for sedition.

But.. if you stir up trouble and incite people to riot against the gov't; to disobey laws; and attempt to forcibly remove members of gov't then you are likely a seditionist.

Okay, so why is this important this AM?

Because the Ontario Gov't and Liberal Party of Ontario which currently forms the gov't of Ontario owes me $100.  It also owes Sharlene and Jennifer $100 each.  And Phil too.  And the rest of you readers that reside in Ontario, and the person sitting next to you too.

I hold them jointly and severally liable for the $100 because they engaged in a politically strategic decision to cancel the gas plants to ensure a victory in the last election.  The cost of the cancellation is now revealed to be $585,000,000.  For what?  Nothing.

For this grand price tag the citizens of Ontario get jack shit but another 4 years of a corrupt and ineffective provincial gov't.  There are about 5.9 million people in Ontario [sorry folks, 5.9 M in Toronto, 13.5 M in Ontario, so about $43 per person --my only excuse is I knock these off while sitting in the flight and don't really have time for fact checking.. ] so that works out to about $100 each for this pleasure.

Last night I suggested that I and those around me storm Queen's Park and toss the bitches and bastards out on their asses since the opposition parties though their inaction appear to be in on the scam and are unlikely to do anything.

Andrea Horwath reportedly, "I feel assured that after having this meeting [with Premier Kathleen Wynne], the Premier has heard the people of Ontario and knows what they expect in terms of accountability..."  Blah blah blah.  Accountability?  Crooks go to jail, we don't ask them to perform an accounting.

And then it happened.

"But Daniel, that would be Treason", exclaimed the guy in the pub parking lot whose name under oath I can't remember.

No, that would be Sedition. I replied.

Have a good day.

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  1. Great Pulp this morning!

    Speaking of accountability, Did Harper find that 35.1 Billion that he misplaced?