Thursday 2 May 2013

Working in Ottawa today --This end faces front

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

The backwards baseball cap bugs me.  'Bakwerdz?  Yuh meen with thu brim in front?"  Sigh.  No sparky, with the brim in the back.

The brim, ostensibly to keep the sun out of the wearer's eyes, is part of the baseball cap that showed up around 150 years ago (no kidding) as part of the Brooklyn Excelsior's uniform, by 1900 every team was wearing them. And just so everyone knows.. only the catcher would wear it backwards so that it didn't interfere with seeing and catching a pop up foul ball.

This morning in the airport I saw a couple of fellows with Caribbean style shirts wandering through the airport, looking a little bewildered and perhaps in search of a missing and still drunk vacation comrade, but what was of note was the peculiar skin burn pattern of their faces.

From mid forehead down, from a crisp horizontal line was pink burn.  You know that pink, it is the pink that when pressed by a finger turns white for a moment and then returns a bit angrier.  Ow, quit it, dammit, ow!

But the peculiar part was the sideways D shaped pink burn pattern in main forehead zone.  The sideways D that can only be explained by the opening at the back (front?) of the aforementioned backwards baseball cap.

I think that in the interests of forehead skin safety and to avoid product liability lawsuits the manufacturers of such apparel have a duty to affix a label --'This end faces front'.  we already caution users not to use hair dryers in the shower, not to eat the silica gel packets when unpacking new home electronics, and not to use the lawn mower in your bare feet.

Please wear your 'caps responsibly.


  1. Ha! Nice one, Daniel.

    Regarding those who baseball caps, I had decided years ago that I am not of the ilk (nor one to wear a Tilley Hat). Baseball caps, I think, are worn mostly for its appearance than its function. It's donned also to show enthusiasm for sports teams, brands, and other advertised interests. None of it is for me. Should anyone have a hat of his/her liking, wear it and enjoy it, of course.