Thursday 27 March 2014

Working in Montréal today --Veni, vidi, non scripsi

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today.

Every now and then I draw a blank set of topics for my Thursday pulps.  If you don't know how my process works, let me enlighten you.  Usually as I turn on to Silver Dart Drive on the airport grounds I start to think about possible subjects.  Having the radio news on sometimes helps.  If still blank I have hopes that something in the newspaper will supply a creative tidbit.  Failing that, some event at the airport will surely give me something, anything...

Once I have a topic, I will sometimes take the opportunity before take off to do some very quick research on the subject, perhaps some historical context, occasionally I will look up past pulps as some topics resurface.  Mayor Ford, The End of the World, Keynesian economics and corporate greed, tips on home surgical techniques -how to avoid a bleed out when removing your own appendix. I've covered them all, sometimes twice.

Today.. nope, nada, zip.  There was a brief moment where prior to push back the captain come over the PA and asked for everyone's attention, something had occurred and was observed by the baggage handlers.. "Yes?" I wondered.. a spill of crack cocaine from Mayor Ford's bag?  The missing $4 billion tacked onto the Ontario Hydro Debt by McQuinty, Oscar Pistorius' missing defense and a claim that it was he that screamed like a girl after the first two shots, but before the last two?

 No.  Seems  3 attractive grey ties had apparently slipped out of someone's bag.  Would the owner please alert a flight attendant so that they can returned.


It happens folks.  Not a damned thing to write about.  So instead of writing furiously, I am going to enjoy my breakfast  and a hot cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the flight and will post this lame excuse for a pulp on our landing.

Oh.. Veni, vidi, non scripsi. Latin for I arrived, looked around, and didn't write about it.

Have a good day.


  1. Wait a second.... The Blade Runner screams like a girl?