Thursday 17 April 2014

Working in Ottawa today --Don't argue naked

I will be working in Ottawa today.

I'd like to start out the Pulp by addressing the episode with the clown in the club change room later night after I played racquetball.  What's that?  No, not a real clown, that would be weird.

I had returned to my locker after a shower, opened my locker and tossed my clothes on a low change table when the aforementioned clown walked up to his locker and starts sh:t about, "you guys walk into an area like you own it and just take over".  Now I must explain, if you have not spent time in a locker room you may be unaware that a lot of talk in' smack goes on, but it is not serious.

I have often walked into the locker room and inquired, "What the hell is that smell?  Oh, hi Ricky".  So when this guy starts spouting off I thought to myself that perhaps he was attempting some form of humour.  So I inquired, "Are you serious?!"

Then it was on.

He stands up straight and says something about me crowding him out away from his locker and moving his gym bag.  Now I had played for two hours or so and had played probably six straight games so was walking tall and feeling rather invincible so was not about to let some dude get all in up my face -bullsh:t I tell you what, it will not happen.

And I had not touched his gym bag.

So nose to nose we were and I was barking words like a German drill sergeant and it was about the time that he slithered away (yeah, I know. Clowns don't slither.  Just a screwed up metaphor) that I turned my head and realized that in the large mirror on the wall I could see out the change room door and see the women walking back from their Yoga class.

Oh yes, and I was standing there naked.  Buck naked.  Yeah.. mirrors work both ways.

While on the subject of naked men in Interesting poses.. Finland seems to be working their own solution to slow postage stamp sales.  PORN.

Yes, Finland is honoring illustrator Touko Laaksonen, aka Tom of Finland and printing many of his works on their stamps.  Now these are not Robert Bateman (Robert of Canada) like nature paintings.  No. Not nature.   Oh wait, yes nature.

These are black and white homoerotic images of masculine men with exaggerated parts wearing extremely tight uniforms or perhaps no uniforms at all.  Now I find nothing wrong with any erotic images as long as all subjects are consenting adults, and these images are certainly of adult males.

What is particularly humorous is that in the images the uniforms could be misinterpreted as.. Postal Service uniforms.  This would then lead a holder of such a stamp, if they were unfamiliar with the works of Tom of Finland, that these we images of Finland's postal workers :)

The postman always rings twice and wears tights?

Have a great day, don't argue naked.

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