Wednesday 30 April 2014

Working in Montréal today --Я Blogger

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today and tomorrow.

In Soviet Russia, Internet Watches YOU!

That was the best that I could do while using a Yakov Smirnoff voice in my head.  That's right kids, it's the Russia segment of today's Pulp!  That fun loving Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign into law new Internet Blogger regulations that will require said Bloggers to register and follow strict gov't rules.

This is no surprise if you ask me, censorship of media and peoples is pretty much standard fare when gov'ts set about to whatever the hell they want, but lack the character to withstand scrutiny and criticism.

I am usually loathe to refer to my self as a 'Blogger' and instead refer to these missives as Pulps, since while yes, I do often comment on current events, I am equally likely to explore how much g-force may be required to compress a monkey into a shallow disk of gel.  ( Ew.  BUT, since I am here and nothing else inspired me this morning..

Moscow in Crisis!

Now that's a headline.  And if I were a Blogger, I might lead in with that.  Over the last few weeks I have heard friends and colleagues question whether the current Western World strategy of economic sanctions will have much if any effect on Russia and their illegal occupation of the Ukraine.  

I will attempt to put into perspective.    The Russian economy is about the size of Canada's.  The Ukraine is about the same land mass as France and about the same population of South Korea. How long do you suppose Canada could hold out in a military occupation campaign of South Korea while the rest of the Western World stopped buying our Potash, Wheat, Oil and Poutine?

Just askin'.

So if you ask me, Putin is starting to feel pressures from within as the economic sanctions come into effect and thinks that by shutting up some Internet gossip his life will be better.

It won't.

So today, Я Blogger.


  1. It is destiny of Russia to control Eastern Europe. You don't know from pickled cabbage. yes?

  2. Apparently it's not "The Ukraine", it's simply just "Ukraine". My developers in Kiev get me on that all the time ;)

    Now I have them calling Canada "the Canada". Oi...