Thursday 16 October 2014

Working in Ottawa today --GoPro Minutiae

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

Very little that occurs in our life is interesting to others.  Take this Pulp, I am awake somewhere around 1080 minutes per week, less if I get a Saturday afternoon snooze in.

During that time I spend about 20 minutes writing this Pulp.  And it is barely interesting, most of you read it out of sheer politeness.  The things that occupy the other 1060 minutes per week of my life may cripple you into a paralyzingly ennui.  The minutiae (for those that care, minutia is a single trivial item, minutiae is a collection of trivial items) of our daily lives is just not suitable for sharing..

Yet, sales of GoPro cam (video camera designed to record events from your first person perspective) sales are higher than ever!  Today in the airport a fellow cruised past the flight info screen near lower security with a GoPro strapped firmly to his face.  Now this did not appear to be the work of Joe survey dude, no, just some guy that must assume that his ordinary coming and goings will be interesting to his friends and family and his Youtube family of followers.

I can imagine him home at the end of the day with his wife and children forcing them to watch the footage.. his wife in a near catatonic state thinking that alcoholism may be a viable option and his children crying, no daddy I don't want to watch anymore, I'm sleepy -- You will watch it and enjoy it, look, here I am walking past the shoe shine guy, everyone wave.

What?  Uncle Daniel, that is all that you have today -- How about some further editing of the minutiae?

Yeah, sorry about that.  Was up a bit late writing some contract mods and used up all of the really good words.

But in apology, I bring you two of my favorite Hallowe'en jokes.

What do you get when you divide a pumpkin's circumference by its diameter?
ip nikpmup (backwards)

What is the favorite sport of the Smashing Pumpikins?
hsauqs (also backwards)

Have a great day.