Thursday 2 October 2014

Working in Ottawa today -- The new enemy

Good morning folks,

I am working in Ottawa today.

Question for the collective we..

Are we being shafted by the Coalition of the Vengeful?  Is that the name of the current war on Islamofacist terrorism?  Too many wars, so little attention.

The Harper gov't (the government formerly known as the Canadian gov't) is also plowing full speed into joining that war, I mean this war.  And folks, let me remind you, there is NO UN SANCTION for this war.  The last UN resolution on the matter condemned the violence, and called for member countries to control the flow of would be fighters from their countries into the conflict, but did not say, go do some bombing in foreign lands.

And just to add to the very confusing legal questions of inflicting a bit of air to ground vengeance on those that irritate us, a NEW ENEMY HAS EMERGED.

That right kids.. Introducing The Khorasan Group and their weapon of choice is the toothpaste bomb.  problem is, I don't think they exist.  At the very least they did not seem to exist prior to a week or so ago.  I cannot find ANYTHING ever written about them prior and the only reference anywhere is that there is a region of Eastern Iran and Northern Afghanistan that is known as Khorasan.  But bombing them has occurred without UN sanction and without any direction from the US or Canadian lawmakers, do we really want to play in a war where anyone that presents itself is a target?

It is an interesting strategy by the U.S., first engage in a war without Congressional approval (Congress is scratching their heads a bit trying to figure out if the Congressional vote in 2001 to invade Iraq extends to enemies of Iraq, many experts say.. Uh.. NO), then reveal the emergence of a new enemy (I think that makes 3 distinct groups, maybe 4).  Is it all meant to distract us and keep us uneven on our feet?

I think we may be being fed this by the shovel full.  The two supposed leaders of this organization were both reported as being already dead and according to the US, they are more dangerous than ISIL or ISIS or whatever the hell they are called.

Folks, you know what this means don't you?

Zombie terrorists are currently slowly shuffling their way to International airports across Western Asia to fly here with toothpaste tubes filled with volatile chemicals! Chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, dirty bombs, iBombs, SECRET BOMBS!

Welcome to the new disinformation warz.  This group, of which information is so very thin, has been referred to by the U.S. as having as little as a few dozen members, although the U.S. Command and Control reported that they had bombed 8 Khorasan Group targets last week, training camps and installations.  Were these 3 man camps?  Has the entire organization been eradicated?

This group also reportedly are enemies of Iran or Iran is the enemy of the Khorasan, but in any event, does this mean that the U.S. is now in cahoots with Iran and is once again an ally?  Iran and the U.S. were real chummy during the Pahlavi regime between WW2 and the '79 Iranian revolution. But then again Eastasia has always been at war with Oceana, right Winston?

To fuel the current public opinion to support the new air strike war, the western media airs reports of the ISIL perpetrated beheadings over and over.  Now don't get me wrong, I not a fan of ANY group that beheads people and places their want for power ahead of the rights of other peoples, but just to remind everyone, the Free Syrian Army a current ally of the U.S. and soon ours beheaded 6 captives last month and Saudi Arabia beheaded 8.  Is this the behaviour we wish our brave Canadian lads to be associated with?

We can't bomb the shit out of someone under the rational that they behead people by partnering with forces that behead people at faster rates.  It all smells like BS to me and Obama, Harper and their ilk should be bringing the truth, the complete truth to their respective houses and let the people decide.

Have a good day.

Oh, and let's all keep hope and good wishes for the student protestors in Hong Kong as well as the Chinese officials and police.  Calm heads need to prevail on all sides and so far they have.

Peace out.


  1. Just rec'd your comment email. You think that me asking questions and stating my view risks the Middle East? How fragile is the west's war position that I can bring it down with a single blog report of their bullshit. And do yourself a favour, Google Khorasa right now. Waiting... Did you notice the WIKI page on the Group is younger than my pulp? That all reports ever written are all younger? That the explanation in the extremely few articles about them all contain the same text or mild variations? Don't eat this Elmer, it's horseshit, someone in the US gov't made this up and now everyone is backfilling.

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