Thursday 26 February 2015

Working in Ottawa today --If you see Harry, tell him I said Hi

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

This morning started out a bit jagged.  I broke tooth #46, lower right mandibular first molar.  Joy.  I then needed to grab a file and smooth out the sharp edges a bit using a dental mirror to see what I was doing.  Spit please.  The procedure went okay, but I had a hard time understanding what I was saying about holidaying in Barbados.  And.. rinse and spit again please.

I will attempt to nevertheless remain my usual jubilant self.

At the gate I lost my upgrade for the flight as the scheduled A320 was swapped out for a much smaller plane with fewer bus. class seats.... Oh never mind, as I just typed that, the gate agent boarded the aircraft dragged me out of 13F and back up to the comfy seats.  Wonder if she does emergency dentistry?

On with the Pulp.  

Last night was a slow TV night, sometime around midnight I found myself actually watching a show about some men running around a forest looking for Big Foot.  Sasquatch.  In Louisiana. oh yes.

Now usually people look in the U.S. north west, just like many look for Ogopogo  in B.C.'s Lake Okanagan and Nessie in Scotland's Loch Ness but I hadn't heard of anyone looking for the creature of the woods in the Gulf Coast.  Had they thought he lost his way and we're going to put him on a bus back to Washington state?


They were going to kill him.

"Dead.  On a slab", the fellow with the Winchester 1200 snorted.

Now why, might you ask.   Why kill a bipedal hairy hominid who by all reports keeps to himself, lives off of a diet of roots and berries and shies away from any modern appliances and Hollywood gossip?

Two reasons.  The one fellow explained in the us vs. them scenario.  "Are we going to wait until it breaks into someone's house and seriously hurts or kills someone?".

Well..  with that kind of logic, I have a strong desire to do the same to him before he ends up on another TV show and seriously harms more of my brain cells.  I will remind all that no reports of attacks exist except 100 years ago some miners claimed that some large beast men ran them off throwing rock and growling at them.  So a claim-jumping beast wanted their gold.  Yeah.

And secondly, to prove the big guy exists.  Sort of: to prove he is alive, they will kill him.  "Those scientists want a body!" Well no, no scientist wants a dead big foot body, but rather most scientists assume that the few reports of our friend Harry are mis-identifications, confused observers, etc.   All very friendly terms used in place of stating the observer is likely a loon.  However, true that, show me the body, or better yet a live one and I too will become a believer.

But Uncle Daniel, isn't there one that was caught on film?

No.  There is a film that was made in 1967, the Patterson-Gimlin film, shows a tall guy in a fur ape suit (Bob Heironimus, friend of Patterson confessed that it was him) lumbering around near the edge of a clearing near Bluff Creek California.  Every time a show is made about Big Foot, that film is shown as "evidence".

I didn't watch the entire show, and instead opted for sleep, but I did mention to Sharlene that it will be a small miracle if one of those Louisiana boys don't end up killing one of their own.  They were all in the woods at night wearing Gillie suits armed with loaded weapons.

They all looked like a throwback to early man lumbering around the forest.

Have a good day.  If you see Harry, tell him I said Hi.


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