Wednesday 6 May 2015

Working in Montréal today --Belle of the Ball

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today, Ottawa tomorrow, Toronto on Friday, my backyard on Saturday and snoozing on the couch on Sunday afternoon.

Now a short tale of a gal and her date to the ball..

For pretty much all of Alberta's adult life she has hung out with the Conservatives, now sure back in her 'College Days' she experimented with Social Credit, just being 'adventurous' the cute Prairie Belle told her friends, after all, she was young and carefree.

But what happened last night will certainly get the attention of the other Belles of the Ball.  Alberta went alternative, not that there is any wrong with that.  I mean sometimes a gal has to start wearing a plaid shirt and look after herself, has to be responsible for her own Big O if you know what I mean.

Come on, you knew I meant OIL, I'm just messin' with ya.

Okay, I tried a juxtaposition of the unlikeliness of Alberta jumping the PC train for the NDP akin to a person swapping sexual orientation.  It didn't really work, and now I am almost out of flight time.

But what did happen last night?  It was the result of what could be arguably the worst campaign orchestration and result since the 1993 federal election where the Progressive Conservative party went from 156 seats down to 2 and ceased to be a federal party only to reborn as the Conservatives and retaking power with Damien at the helm.

Yeah, PC's 

For them it was destined to be an 'interesting' election.  First they broke their own 2011 law dictating fixed election dates and called the election early by a year.  Albertans all enjoy a certain moral flexibility, and wholly capable of saying one thing and doing another, but they really don't like it in their elected officials.  What is rather odd, is why they called it now, one usually doesn't call for a vote when you are sitting at the bottom of the popularity trough.  Odd to go through the effort of passing a law through the legislature and then be the first to break it.

Oh yes, Damien, I mean Harper did the same thing.  With the same law that he put in.  Just federal style.

Next, and you really have to admire the absurdity, Prentice blamed Albertans themselves for the economic mess they are in with the effects of plunging oil prices and that they should look in the mirror.  WTF..!  The PCs have been in office for 45 years straight.  Look in your own gd mirror Bozo!  Then amongst the most wishy washy budgets and then budget reversals Prentice insulted (Premier elect) Rachel Notley, and perhaps all women, and perhaps all Albertans with the line, "I know math is hard."

What a pr!.

In the end, it was clear that Albertans are ready for a change, and a bit of a stampede. Congratulations Alberta Premier-elect Rachel Notley!

Hey, have a great day.  It's never to late to change teams.


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