Thursday 30 April 2015

Working in Montréal today --Bare butt on a sunny day

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Montréal today.

I apologize for the last few three four weeks of no Pulp.   It was selfish and uncaring.  Without much further ado.. one Pulp.  Not my best, in fact I really just phoned it in, but it still qualifies.  Hopefully this will calm the just plain mean and hostile threats.

One might have thought I would comment on the flight delays caused by a crashed app on iPads on American Airlines flights, but nah, the FAA and AA already knows how dumb it is to rely on consumer equipment for critical to the mission data.  Seems the pilots were no longer carrying flight manuals nor a hard copy of their flight plans.  Duh.  

No, instead I thought I would chide in / chime in on the the Squamish RCMP and while we are at it, busy body neighbours.  There are a few things that you can count on in on a warm sunny day, one is that somewhere on your screen some pre-schooler will strip off his or her clothes are run through a sprinkler.

In all actuality, as a parent the only thing you can really hope for is that your kids run through your sprinkler and not the neighbour guy's sprinkler, you know that guy, he smells like potatoes.  You also hope that your children do develop some small amount of modesty before high school.

Modesty .. I won't say which of my daughters, but one used to pull up the hem of her sun dress over her face when embarrassed.  Yeah.. showing your underwear doesn't help your situation.  In her defense, she was only 3.  She rarely does it anymore.

Back to the the RCMP and busy body neighbours.  Young 4 year old Tyler McIlwaine was "helping" his 6 year old brother Connor wash the car in the driveway when after getting his clothes soaked, did what anyone would do.  He stripped down.  Now while you and I may have opted to go inside first, that is not the was a 4 year old brain works. There is a mission, do it now, right where you stand.  And then he proceeded to run around bare butt naked playing in the water spray on the front lawn.

It is days like that that a parent is supposed to have fond memories of.  Not of what happened next.  The aforementioned busy body neighbour called the RCMP which provides policing services to Squamish, and the RCMP arrived, even though no crime was occurring, nothing abusive, no neglect.  Then the RCMP made it worse in a way that officials with a badge and gun can only do.

The constables felt it necessary to spend 30 minutes warning the boy's mother, Marigta, and the boys that if they played in the front yard again with an absence of clothes, that the boys (even the dressed one) would be taken away and the RCMP would "let the courts decide".

So now we have two children that are terrified of the police, see themselves as somehow bad children, the parents now on some watch list of suspected bad, neglectful parents and one neighbour that should keep to themselves thank you very much.

Have a good day.  Let children be children.


  1. Children should be hidden from view at all times. They are loud, have snotty noses and tend to fart a lot.