Thursday 18 February 2010

Working in Montréal today --2 Gold!

Good morning folks,  I will be working in Montreal today.
Here's an interesting question: is it better come in third, than second?
More specifically, since by definition second place is better, are third place winners generally happier than second place winners?
Andriana Barton of The Globe & Mail suggests that If Olympic Bronze Medalists are any indication, and let's hold Shannon Bahrke (Bronze Women's Moguls) up as an example, they display much more joy on their face than the Silver Medalist.
I guess the theory is the Bronze winner is thing something along the lines of "holy smokes I squeeked in and I WON A OLYMPIC MEDAL!" whereas the Silver winner is thinking something along the lines of "holy crap if I just pushed off a bit harder I WOULD HAVE WON GOLD",  
Meanwhile of course I'm sure the Gold winner is thinking something along the lines of "holy Jeez Mary and Joseph, I did it".
Have a good day
Canada stands at 2G,3S and 1B
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