Thursday 4 February 2010

Working in Ottawa today --27,000 ft and no phone

Good morning folks,
This was my morning.
I slept in.  Woke in a start, dragged a razor, brushed teeth, etc.  Got dressed and went downstairs to the main floor where I realized that I was wearing a horizontally stripes shirt with vertically striped pants.
Now even I knew that just would not do.  So returned to my closet and picked out a solid colour shirt and proceeded to put it on as I returned to the main floor.  And then.. The button from my pants yearned to be free and hastily exited.  Back up stairs where I chose another pair of pants.  Returned to the main floor, grabbed my briefcase, coat keys, glasses, coffee and made my exit in haste.
The observant reader may have detected an item missing.  Yes --my cell phone is sitting somewhere where I am not.
So if you need to reach me today, send an email, I will check with some frequency, and if you need to speak with me more urgently, perhaps call Sophie, she may be able to locate me.
Have a good day, and keep track of your pants.
Sent from my laptop at 27,000 feet.
Cancel that.  The internet on the plane was not working and the coffee was cold.