Thursday 25 February 2010

Working in Ottawa today --Faux Fur Fashionista

Good morning folks,
I am working in Ottawa today
So many possible topics, such a lack of enthusiasm.
We have the Italian court convicting the 3 Google executives of being complicit in the violation of the bullied Down Syndrome school boy's rights, I imagine that the camera manufacturer was also complicit..
How about that 50 year wait for an Olympic victory over the Russians as last night the Canadian men's hockey team topped the Ruskies 7 to 3.. Way!  As good as Paul Henderson's winning goal in '72 against the same guys?  Nope, not quite as sweet if you ask me..
And then we have U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir.  Gosh, what words can describe Johnny?  Flamboyant, faux fur wearing fashionista?  Don't get me wrong, Johnny is free to share his french fries with anyone he chooses, but a faux fur stole with black jeans and top?  A bit trashy yes, but you can't deny the stylin'.
Have a good day.
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