Thursday 30 September 2010

Working in Ottawa today --A deluge of prostitution

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today

Things that I heard today:

"The sound of Dolphins laughing is the happiest sound on earth"

"50 smiles a day is therapeutic, but 90 will make you go insane"

I think the person that said it recently ate a morsel of a particular fungal variety.

..Read today:

In the Globe and mail, ".. effects of a landmark ruling that decriminalized prostitution in Ontario.. ..neighborhoods fortifying to fend off a possible deluge of sex-trade workers.."

Well, the reporter could have reported what the ruling actually was instead of being misleading.

Prostitution was not and is not illegal in Ontario nor Canada for that matter.  The ruling was in regard to Communicating for purposes of, Living off the avails of, and Operating a common bawdy house.

On to the worry of neighborhoods facing a deluge of sex-trade workers,  I doubt that this ruling will increase demand for such services nor do I think that more women will choose that particular career path, since the remote threat of arrest for communicating likely not what dissuades.  Moreover, having sex in public remains illegal, for professionals or the amateur.

What it may result in is a whole new bureaucracy, a growth not in prostitution but rather in prostitution registration and audit specialists.  Perhaps the unemployed PST auditors can be brought back to work.

Be sure to look for new certificate programmes at Sheridan College this fall.

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