Thursday 15 December 2011

Working in Ottawa Today --Waitin' on The Lil' Lwowski

Good morning citizens, I will be working in Ottawa today.
I have two topics today, the Mission is over in Iraq news from Obama over the last few days, and the resistance to arrive of my grandchild.
First things first the Lil' Lwowski is on his or her own schedule and will exit the comfort of mommy's womb when the moment is right.  I must say it is very odd for me to think of my little girl having a child of her own, but just before too many eyebrows raise and lips ask, "just how old is your daughter?", she is certainly past the age of majority, a few years older than her sister and been married for a couple years.  Yes, the time is right for her and Ryan (the Big Lwowski?).
Nevertheless, it is still odd for me.  I still remember the day that Christine emerged into this world, a magical moment indeed, all in one moment, a brand new person here and all of the wonder, awe, worry, anticipation, self doubt, hope, happiness and the glad-to-carry responsibility that a young father can hold.  I must say, other than those evil teenage years, I have always enjoyed being Dad to Christine and Jennifer and although right now Christine believes that she will be pregnant forever, before she knows it, she will be a Mom and I will be a GrandFather.
Hang in the sweetheart, just another day or so.
In the meantime, here are a few quips for you and Ryan (other can read and enjoy too).
(There is a rather large BCC list to my morning emails composed of non-Distributel staff email addresses.  Friends, family, legal counsel, etc)
-I heard of your newest development, congratulations on being creative!
-Sit down, I think it's time we had a talk, babies don't actually get delivered by a stork.
-If you think you are ready for a baby, try putting a pair of underwear on a cranky kangaroo.  In the dark.
-In a few short years you'll be saying, "because I said so!".
There are probably more gems, but you two will discover them on your own.
And then there is Iraq.
And then there is democracy.
Now that the Iraq war is over, I imagine that means that objectives of the war have been satisfied and Iraq is settling in to it's new found democracy.  First, how about a quick review of the Bush regime's reasons for the war and how we scored.
The number one reason was of course Regime Change. Because,
Saddam was evil, like Dr. Evil. Killed his own people, gassed them, violated their rights.
Saddam ignored UN resolutions calling for disarming and inspections of..
Weapons of mass destruction.
Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda and had something to do with 9/11.
Iraq was buying aluminum tubes.
We couldn't wait for a mushroom cloud.
Well let's do a really quick analysis of the reasons.  Yep, a son of a bitch, but he always was, and the CIA and Cheney were his buddies and they supplied him with gas and tactical advice on how to deal with Kurd uprisings.
The whole WEAPONS OF DOOM thing was always bullshit. So reasons 2, 3, 5, and 6 are of the same animal excrement.  The Yellow Cake Uranium story was a nice bit of fiction too. How did that one play out?  Some used car dealer in Africa reported that his cousin that runs a scrapyard had a friend that was at a poker table with the guy that cleaned Saddam's chemical lab that heard a guy that traded his name for a number on the phone pretending to order a pizza and asked for extra anchovies.  The code word for Yellow Cake Uranium!  Oh yeah, Yellow Cake is lousy for use in a bomb.  You'll actually want U235 enriched plutonium and some TNT and a stainless steel ball about 3 feet in diameter and one about 6 inches, but you didn't hear that from me.
And number 4.. Nope, there were no ties to AQ, and no involvement in 9/11.  Even Cheney confirmed that in a CNN interview prior to the war, and even claimed that there was no reports of ties, yet we all heard both him and his lap dog George blame Saddam for it.  We knew right away that those responsible were from Saudi Arabia.
So why?
Well it gave Bush something to do, much too much of a pussy to pull US troops out of SA, America industry would have crucified him, as it needs SA oil more than Iraq oil.  Yeah baby, Bush was a war president -taking care of business, bring it on!
It was a good distraction too from a tanked economy, and the corporate horrors of Enron, Harken, Halliburton and Worldcom.  And a very strong reason for the US was to maintain the strength of the Saudis.  This can only be done by ensuring a permanent US military presence in the middle east, esp. in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi royals are hated by the people and the Saudi Gov't will fail without US military support.
Bush 41 used the Kuwait invasion as a foothold, King Saud was convinced by George that Saddam had amassed troops on the Saudi border ready for invasion, of course Russian satellite images showed only empty desert and now since the Iraq warm the US has permanent military bases in SA.
Mission accomplished!
A few closers on democracy, these of course can only be learned on the road to developing democracy.
A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough 
to take everything you have.
-- Thomas Jefferson
A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people
 may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
-- Thomas Jefferson
Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by 
the corrupt few.
-- George Bernard Shaw
They derive consolation from being supervised by thinking they have chosen their own supervisors. Every individual tolerates being tied down because  he sees that it is not another man nor a class of people holding the end of the chain, but society itself...
-- Tocqueville
At the present time, many people fall in with this type of compromise between a despotic administration and the sovereignty of the people and they think they have sufficiently safeguarded individual freedom when they surrendered it to a national authority. That is not good enough for me. The character of the master is much less important to me than the fact of obedience.
-- Tocqueville

Have a good day.

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