Thursday 8 May 2014

Working in Montréal today --Quit bugging me

Hi Folks,

I will be working in Montréal today and will get a chance to see the kick off of the new Montréal Transit Bus advertising campaign.   Surfin' the web with Distributel on a Montréal transit bus.  No.  I did not bring Bermuda shorts.

Hey kids, ever wonder what the deadliest life form to humans on this planet is?

No, it's not sharks, they only kill about 10 people per year --It's like they aren't even trying.

Any more guesses?

Hey Uncle Daniel is it humans?

No it isn't and put your hand back down, this isn't a classroom and you are not the Statue of Liberty.  Us humans only kill about 1/2 a million people per year, and yes, we are trying.

Uncle Daniel, is it snakes or hippos?  No and no.  Stop answering if you don't know.  Snakes are pretty good at it, but only manage to take down 50 thousand or so.  Hippos -- really? Hippos? You are clearly just guessing.  They are towards the rear of the pack with only 500.

Give up?  It is Mosquitos.

Through their efforts they manage to knock off almost 3/4 of a million of us every year.

And good news!  They are refining their craft, and in the Caribbean they are currently spreading a new virus  for the region, the chikungunya virus.  It is usually found in Asia, and this particular strain is resistant to treatment.

The World Health Organization has reported 4000 confirmed cases, and an additional 30,000 suspected cases.  My advice is to forego any trips to the Caribbean, but pay close attention to this one.  The mosquito that carries this virus is the Aedes aegypti, yes the same blood sucker responsible for the Dengue Fever so this virus could easily spread into the Southern United States.

On a related note, Brian this is for you.  The small (very small) non-biting mosquito-like fly that has invaded Southern Ontario is the Midge.  Specifically the chironomid member of the midge family.

Have a great day, hope nothing bugs ya.