Thursday, 23 February 2012

Working in Ottawa today --I may be an insolent bastard

Good morning folks and folkettes,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

The question that I asked myself this morning was, "Am I becoming a bit of an insolent bastard?".

The answer was fortunately, No.

However upon closer scrutiny it seems that the problem was the question itself.  Insolence is rudeness and a general lack of respect for others, where as I should have asked myself if I was becoming an Intolerant bastard.

But I fear that too would have not quite captured my attitude of late.

Gentlemen.. Ladies.. It is quite possible that I am becoming a cynical, intolerant, bastard.  Although I might also accept cynical, intolerant , SOB.

I would explain this further, but let's leave it with my berating of a bank teller for addressing me as Dan.. What?  Now we're friends because he has seen my cable tv bill?   Leaving without a haircut on Sunday afternoon after the front desk double booked my regular coiffeur (a real upscale word for barber) and left me waiting 25 minutes past my scheduled time?  Or walking off a squash court last night when it became clear that my opponent was an as340le?

I might need to work on my attitude.

Have a good day.


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