Thursday 9 February 2012

Working in Ottawa today --Wanted, job as South American dictator

Good morning folks,

I will be working in Ottawa today.

In the imaginative defense department, I bring you today The Bank of Montréal.

In the case of Loretta Albayate of B.C., BMO allowed her ex-husband (who does not have the same last name as her) to waltz into her local branch and change the address of her accounts to his address.   This had serious repercussion to Ms. Albayate.  Now knowing what her assets amounted to, her ex-husband proceeded to threaten to kill her unless she provided him with money.

Here is the best part of the story.  BMO insists that it did not breach the woman's privacy, but rather her ex-husband did by opening the envelopes that contained her statements.


Under this bit of logic, if they had read her account information out aloud in the middle of Dundas Square only those with their 'listening ears' on would have breached her privacy.


I think that BMO needs to regroup and rethink their defense.

Some helpful suggestions for them:

They meant to safeguard her privacy but their dog ate their policy manual.

Her ex-husband used some kind of Jedi mind-control technique on the teller.  'These are not the droids we are looking for'.

Her ex-husband is a shapeshifter and assumed her appearance.

Seriously, BMO, just like all businesses and institutions has the obligation to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of its customers and employees.

The only defense available is that they took all reasonable steps to protect her privacy and that her ex-husband employed methods of deception that no reasonable person would fault the bank for believing.

Perhaps he IS a Jedi master.


Hey, on to my favorite political f-wit, Toronto's own rotund bundle of shame, Rob F. Ford.  Ford is an interesting fellow, in that he seems to understand the democratic process but then casts it aside as irrelevant when ever the moment suits him.

Immediately on being elected, a bit more than a year ago, Ford declared 'Transit City' dead.  That of course is the large city wide transit project that was proposed, voted on and passed by city council, funded, and had construction started.

Of course Ford and his sidekick brother had no legal authority to cancel the project and yesterday city council once again voted on the issue and handed the brothers Ford a whopping defeat.  'Transit City' will proceed.

But here's where you have to admire the guy, he dismissed the vote as .. irrelevant.  That's right kids, the Ford brothers intend to carry on with their own vision of Toronto, this no doubt includes selling off vast tracts of city property to foreign developers, building monorails, ferris wheels and more cars on the road, all without any legal authority.

Perhaps the Fords would be happier as dictators of some totalitarian regime somewhere in South/Central America.  I offer to pay the air fare.

Have a good day.


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